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We are rapidly climbing steps of success with expert team and managers continuously renewing themselves after starting its journey with fresh fruit and vegetable production, import, export, packing and leaching, distribution network after starting its commercial life on 1989. Our company, with 30.000m2 indoor area, grows day by day with annual 50,000 tons production and trade. Various vegetables and fruits we produce on 4 thousands decare area have good agriculture application and Global GAP Certificate

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Fruits grew according to standards, are collected from trees by expert hands on time, and stored for 12 months in our cold air depots under suitable conditions at two different facilities with total 30.000m2 capacity



Products collected from gardens respectively pass through flushing, disinfection and drying stages in our factory. Girding, selecting and then packing sections are visited. Packed products are separated according to size, type and quality. During these operations, products are presented to our consumers without sacrificing freshness and taste. They are stored in modern cold air depots located in our factory at our storage section